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Hong Ha River (Red River) is considered as a river. The system of flowing in the mind of the Vietnamese people over thousands of years has been deposited and deposited by the alluvial soil along the Red River. fertile and convergence of gas, the prosperous settlement of the population of Thang Long - Hanoi from this generation. Exuding class and pride at the Gate of the Thousand-Year Capital of Culture right on the southern bank of the Red River, Sunshine Riverside Apartment understands and honors those elite values ​​that have made a difference. Perfect place in this iconic cultural space.
Sunshine Riverside is a commercial apartment complex combining high-end business services and amenities, including three apartment towers, including an international school, shopping mall, entertainment center. serving the resident community and friendly living environment. With sustainable design solutions, researching the harmony of living space and useful living facilities, we have created a living community that exceeds the available advantages, setting up a space here. upstream, class.
Project Scale
Project Name: Sunshine Riverside Residential Condominium Project.
Scale: 32-34 floors high, 2 basements.
Total area: 11953 m2
Number of apartments: 932 apartments, 57 to 114 m2 (2 to 4 bedrooms).
The wonderful Sunshine Riverside will give its residents a perfect life:
+ International Diagnostic Schools.
+ The modern commercial center advanced
+ Café, luxury restaurant with traditional dishes to modern.
+ 4-season swimming pool for residents.
+ Gym and Spa space is outstanding with the attentive service of professional staffs.
+ Modern Polyclinics provide international standard health care for all ages in a safe and friendly environment.

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